T&T Agric is a 5 star SAMAC accredited macadamia nursery, located in Ifafa Beach on the south coast of KwaZulu Natal. We follow best practice methods and continually strive to refine our techniques to become the best macadamia nursery in South Africa.

T&T Agric is excited to announce the addition of our cold room. The refrigerated container cold room allows us to store our seeds in a dark, cool ambient environment. This ensures the seeds we plant are always fresh. It also enables us to sow fresh seed throughout the year in batches, as needed. The freshness of the seed is fundamental to promoting healthy, vigorous, flourishing seedlings. We can now also propagate throughout the year, increasing our turn around time and production volumes.


We have had many enquiries about producing rooted cuttings and true to type material. With the cold room we can store our cutting material after being prepared, and now have the added advantage of producing rooted cuttings with fresh plant material.

We are currently producing 50 000 macadamia plants per month and we are continually striving to improve our production in order to supply the high demand there is for trees and reduce the long waiting periods which are the norm in our industry.

Our experience, which spans over 10 years, ensures our clients receive only the best quality trees, within 12 to 15 months of ordering.

T&T Agric Macadamia Nursery