T&T Agric is an accredited macadamia nursery located on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal. Our number one priority is to ensure our farmers receive only the best quality macadamia trees. We ensure this by using tried and trusted growing methods and processes as well as championing new technologies and utilizing latest growth supplements. We have recently expanded our fertiliser plan to incorporate beneficial microbials in our nutrition program. “These microbials are essential for a healthy root development and since introducing microbials we have noted a dramatic increase in our root development” says Colin Rand, Head Horticulturalist at T&T Agric farm in Ifafa beach. A healthy root system is able to facilitate nutrients in the soil more freely as well as grow to a saleable plant faster. “To satisfy the demand and shorten the waiting periods for our macadamia trees, the plant turnaround time in a nursery is very important. It is a proven fact that, roots growing in a bag for too long lead to a pot bound plant and these trees never do well in the field, which is in direct contradiction with what we try to do – offer consistent quality, strong and viable trees to our customers” Rand continues.


Health of our trees is a paramount in all our endevours. We use a high quality slow release fertilizer granules that encapsulate most of the macro and micronutrients required for healthy plant growth.. In addition to our slow release fertiliser, we drench our plants with a micro nutrient solution twice in the plant’s cycle in our nursery. We supply additional micro nutrients as a foliar application every week with our pest protection programme. Checks for any nutrient deficiencies are carried out weekly at our nurseries and if any found they are individually corrected. Most of the time we detect these deficiencies easily as plants show distinct signs in their leaves, but if uncertain, we make every effort to determine the issue by sending leaf samples off to specialist laboratory. “We truly pride ourselves with providing our trees with every known expertise and care and take every measure to ensure that our clients receive healthy, vital trees” Rand concludes.