Due to the ever increasing demand for macadamia trees across South Africa and southern Africa, T&T Agric has expanded our nursery. We are in the final phase of completing ‘nursery 6’, which will allow us to reach our target of producing one million macadamia trees by 2019. By producing more trees we aim to increase availability and reduce waiting times for our clients. We are expanding our market into Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe where availability and logistics have been a hinderance to these emerging markets.



T&T Agric produced 30 new jobs in 2017 with our expansion of nursery 5 and we are set to produce another 30 jobs in 2018. New divisions include standard grafting, micro-grafting and avocado production. We employ men and women from the local communities. New workers start off getting a feel for the nursery as general workers and employees who show potential are trained and integrated into skilled positions, such as grafters, junior foreman, section leaders and stock clerks in the nursery. We look for workers who show good attitude, a strong work ethic and who are eager to develop within the company. We believe that training and equipping our employees with new skills leads to increased productivity and quality. In return, these highly skilled workers will positively contribute to improving of the life quality of their community, which is ultimately one of our goals.



With this rapid development, it is our number one priority to maintain the strictest quality controls. There is no substitute for standards at T&T Agric. Only the top grade seedlings and rootstocks are used and worked with. We have stringent fertiliser and chemical programs that we follow, using only the best products. Sanitation is our core focus. It is a fundamental tool in ensuring top level standards and we take no short cuts. It is a constant challenge to balance quality with quantity but one we won’t compromise on.